Complete environmental waste management
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Hazardous waste treatment and recycling

Collection, recovery and recycling services for hazardous waste

By their very nature, hazardous wastes pose a potential risk to personnel and the environment; therefore it is vital to ensure that materials are properly handled and treated.  Our comprehensive hazardous waste management service offers tailored solutions for the collection, storage, handling and treatment for even the most specialised requirements.

Our hazardous waste treatment and recycling capabilities include:

• Treatment of oil contaminated wastes including oily slops, sludges and drill cuttings

• NORM waste treatment

• Separation and filtration of oil-water mixtures

• Biological treatments

• Neutralisation of acids and alkalis

• High-temperature incineration

Oily slops and sludges treatment

Combining flocculation, centrifugation and settling, TWMA provides industry-leading treatment of oily slops at dedicated TWMA treatment plants in key locations worldwide, or onsite via a mobile slops treatment plant. Recovered base oil can be reused as either industrial or secondary fuel, whilst clean water and solids are disposed of in line with both local legislation and client requirements. 

NORM waste

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) can exist as scale on components and tubulars, or in sludges generated during drilling and production operations. We manage the decontamination of equipment and the treatment and packaging of sludges, adhering to stringent safety procedures at all times and ensuring the responsible disposal of NORM wastes.

All hazardous waste operations are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel in compliance with Transport Legislation, Duty of Care, the Environmental Protection Act, Hazardous Waste Regulations and Health and Safety Legislation worldwide.


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