Complete environmental waste management
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Industrial services

Maximising the working life of assets

TWMA combines expertly trained staff and specialist equipment to deliver a range of industrial services that comply with the highest HSEQ standards. Our closely audited and reported cleaning operations are managed through a permit-to-work system, whist our asset integrity packages maximise the working life of assets such as FPSOs and supply vessels, ensuring they remain in the best possible condition.

Our wide range of equipment is available 24/7 to manage cleaning and disposal projects from vessel and onshore tank cleaning, to pit cleaning in offshore and remote locations.

Marine vessel tank cleaning

We recognise the importance of efficient vessel turnaround times and our tank cleaning services deliver high-quality treatment in minimal timescales.  TWMA offers a comprehensive service which includes the treatment and disposal of all wastes from tank cleaning activities, including mud, base oil, brine, fuel or dry bulk tanks.  All tank washings are fully treated and responsibly reused, recycled or disposed of.

Pit and tank cleaning

TWMA provides specialist onshore and offshore pit and tank cleaning services, including surface cleaning for column tanks, pontoon tanks and test separators.  We use specially selected equipment and fully trained operators to minimise man-entry during cleaning operations.  TWMA’s patented technology has been designed to allow portable automated cleaning heads to operate using a ‘closed loop’ methodology, minimising the volume of wash water generated. 

HP jetting

TWMA offers high-pressure water jetting for cleaning and preparation work and retro-jetting for the removal of rust, scale, debris, mud and concrete from the inside of pipe work up to a maximum nominal bore size of 36 inches.  We also offer hot wash units for high-temperature wash-down of offshore drilling rigs and platforms, and onshore applications including vessel cleaning at quayside.  Our flexible high-pressure water jetting pumps and hot wash units can be supplied containerised, skid-mounted or mobile truck-mounted.


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