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Offshore processing

Process and recycle drilling wastes at source

Offshore processing with the TWMA TCC RotoMill® is the safest, most efficient way to handle and process drill cuttings and associated materials at source.

Focusing on solids control rather than waste management, the TCC RotoMill® prevents offshore rigs producing drilling waste by using a process of thermal desorption to separate drill cuttings and associated materials into their three constituent parts of oil, water and solids for recycling and reuse.

Treating materials at source entirely eliminates the requirement to transport drilling wastes off-site for treatment or disposal thereby significantly reducing logistics costs and likelihood of environmental or safety incidents.

Offshore TCC RotoMill® units are operated by either diesel engine or electric motor, delivering processing speeds of up to 10 metric tonnes per hour, with a reliable design proven to operate in the harshest offshore environments.


-           Retained hydrocarbons in recovered solids

-           Retained hydrocarbons in recovered water typically

-           Recovered base oil is unimpaired by the process and is suitable for reuse in drilling mud

Following treatment, water and powdered solids outputs are no longer classed as waste products, and are safe for discharge below the waterline. The chemical structure of recovered oil remains unchanged due to the relatively low temperatures utilised in the TCC RotoMill® and is therefore suitable for immediate reuse, generating significant cost-savings for operators. 

The TWMA-engineered-and-manufactured TCC RotoMill® features modularly designed units, allowing for multiple configuration options that can be accommodated to suit any offshore rig.

A team of experienced TWMA personnel will operate the equipment at all times.  This dedicated team is also responsible for monitoring  unit performance and sampling the processed material in accordance with local legislation and TWMA best practice. 

In 2001, the TCC RotoMill® was subject to extensive trials authorised by the UK offshore oil and gas regulator (now the Department of Energy and Climate Change) to establish the efficiency and reliability of offshore processing. The findings were reported to the OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee and it was accepted that the TCC RotoMill® could constitute Best Available Technology (BAT) and Best Environmental Practise (BEP) for the treatment of drill cuttings contaminated with oil-based drilling fluids offshore.

Read our offshore processing case study here

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