Complete environmental waste management
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Rig Packages

Integrating waste management packages into new build rig design

As global environmental legislation evolves, operators are increasingly looking for rigs with integral waste processing capabilities, both onshore and offshore.  Many longer-term projects are utilising new purpose built units and operators have the opportunity to ensure that the onsite waste management equipment meets the project need. 

TWMA is actively working with drilling contractors and operators in order to incorporate our equipment into new build rig design.  We can design our equipment to suit various applications, allowing equipment layout to be optimised, utility requirements planned in and ease of access/operation to be considered.  The same service can be provided when an operator is refurbishing an existing rig in preparation for a drilling campaign.

This market development is driven primarily as a result of the high reliability of TWMA’s drilling waste management equipment and services.  Operators are confident integrating our technologies into rig designs in the knowledge that they perform consistently to the highest standards. 


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