Complete environmental waste management
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Onshore fixed-location processing

Industry-leading treatment of dril cuttings and associated materials

TWMA has treatment plants in key oil and gas centres across the globe. Each location delivers the capability to handle, treat and recycle all manner of drilling wastes received from skip and ship or bulk transfer operations.

Recognised as the leading industry solution for the handling and treatment of drill cuttings and associated materials, the TWMA-engineered-and-manufactured TCC RotoMill®, significantly reduces the environmental impact of your drilling operations.

Focusing on solids control rather than waste management, the TCC RotoMill® eliminates drilling waste by separating drill cuttings and associated materials into their constituent parts of oil, water and solids via a process of thermal desorption.

Onshore, TCC RotoMill® units can be operated by diesel engine or electric-motor, delivering processing speeds of up to 10 metric tonnes per hour.


Following treatment, recovered water and powdered solids outputs are no longer classed as waste products and are safe for discharge. Recovered base oil remains chemically unchanged due to the relatively low temperatures utilised in the TCC RotoMill® and is therefore suitable for reuse in the drilling mud system. 

-           Retained hydrocarbons in recovered solids

-           Retained hydrocarbons in recovered water typically

-           Recovered base oil is unimpaired by processing and is suitable for reuse in drilling mud

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