Closed Loop Mud System

Pitless WBM management solution at your rig site.


This solution allows the recovery of water from spent drilling fluid and reused in the drilling process.

The solution works by taking mud from the reserve pit or after the last solids control device. As many solids as possible are then removed mechanically through screening and a centrifuge. Coagulated particles form a polymer chain of heavier and larger solids. These solids are now large enough to be relatively easily centrifuged out of the water.

Key features

  • A solution to manage drill cuttings and spent mud from oil based and water-based drilling intervals
  • Reduction in haul off for disposal, in some cases disposal of solids on location, eliminating disposal costs
  • Ideal for Dry/Zero Discharge Locations and areas with strict environmental regulations
  • Skid mounted system allows for easy mobilisation rig up and demobilisation from our clients’ location
  • Recovers two distinct by-products
    • Fresh water or brine recovered from water-based mud systems, solid free capable of reuse within fresh drilling fluid
    • Oil/diesel available for reuse in various drilling applications at the rig site

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