Pit & Tank Cleaning

Safe and effective pit and tank cleaning solutions, minimising waste generating and significantly reducing man entry.


Our innovative pit cleaning technology has the ability to filter and recirculate water throughout the cleaning process. This significantly reduces both water and chemical consumption, thus minimising the quantity of tank washings requiring treatment once the process has been completed.

TWMA has considerable experience in the management, care and cleaning of rig pits, ship tanks and oil storage tanks. We offer various methods of tank cleaning to suit the design and layout of tanks and pipe work:

Self-cleaning systems

Suitably designed tanks can be treated with self cleaning systems, the advantage being that this will require a lower amount of man entry hours. These systems can vary in type depending on tank design. TWMA can also survey the tanks and recommend the best system to clients based on specific requirements.

Non-automated systems

Many tanks have challenging designs that do not support automatic systems.Ā  These tanks require a higher level of man entry hours, therefore TWMA has specially trained personnel equipped with the best available equipment to carry out these cleaning projects safely and efficiently.

All projects are managed by competent, trained and experienced staff in accordance with industry standard systems and procedures.

Key features

  • A solution to reduce and can eliminate manual tank entry onsite, providing HSEQ and economic benefits
  • A product that recycles wash fluid, minimising volume required to clean each tank/vessel thus reducing overall cost to dispose of spent tank cleaning fluid
  • A solution that can easily integrate into your rig site within 24 hours of arrival onsite

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