TCC RotoMill

Best in class technology for the safe and efficient processing of drilling waste at source.

After years of specialist research, we’ve developed the TCC RotoMill® – the safest, most efficient way to handle and process drilling waste at source.

Our innovative solution uses a process of thermal desorption to separate drill cuttings and associated materials into their three constituent parts – oil, water and solids – for recycling and reuse.

Due to the low temperatures utilised in the process, recovered base fluid retains its full original quality and can be reused in the drilling mud system, bringing significant commercial savings and environmental benefits to the customer.

Recovered water, which has hydrocarbon content of <30ppm and is typically <20ppm, can be disposed of at source, following testing and confirmation that it meets local regulations.

Recovered solids have hydrocarbon content of <1% and typically <0.1% oil on cuttings by weight. These solids are classed as inert and can be discharged at source.

The offshore TCC RotoMill units are operated by either diesel engine or electric motor, delivering processing speeds of up to 10MT per hour, with a reliable design proven to operate in the harshest offshore environment.

Processing drilling waste at source reduces the number of lifting operations by up to 95% compared with skip and ship operations. Not only does this reduce safety risk to personnel, but also eliminates waiting on weather risk, allowing drilling operations to continue in adverse weather conditions where lifting operations are often suspended.

Treating materials at source entirely eliminates the requirement to transport drilling waste offsite for treatment and disposal, significantly reducing logistics costs and the likelihood of environmental and safety incidents.  

Key features

  • Drill cuttings processing system with the smallest footprint in the market
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Eliminates the requirement to transport drilling waste onshore
  • Eliminates the requirement for lifting operations and multiple skips
  • Allows the re-use of valuable base oil into the drilling mud system
  • Significant safety, operational, commercial and environmental benefits
  • Eliminates waiting on weather risk

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