Fluids Supervisor

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To work within the Peterhead Processing Site in a hands-on Supervisory as part of the site management team delivery value to the business.

Job Purpose

To work within the Peterhead Processing Site in a hands-on Supervisory as part of the site management team delivery value to the business. The role controls fluids receipts and dispatches, monitoring fluids testing and supervising the operation of the slops treatment, oil recovery plant and associated equipment. Monitoring storage and product tanks within tank farm and assisting the Lab Technician with sampling and analyses when required. Ensuring that all Fluids machinery/ equipment is properly maintained, and operators are trained correctly in its use.  All work shall be carried out to a high standard with regards to Company quality, safety and environmental standards.  To ensure that an efficient fluids control operation is maintained, and accurate information is recorded and retained for inspection by external bodies. To identify and undertake training as required.

Key Responsibilities


  • Strive to improve on-site processes, maximise throughput and reliability
  • Estimate and track costs and set quality standards
  • Strive to reduce expenses and increase productivity across all product lines
  • Set ambitious production goals and communicate to key personnel
  • Manage resources to ensure productivity and minimal downtime
  • Negotiate costs with suppliers

Centrifuge/Fluids Management

  • Ensure that daily checks on plant and storage tanks are performed.
  • Supervise/operate fluids treatment plant and all associated equipment ensuring that operational instructions and procedures are followed.
  • Ensure that detailed checks are carried out and that appropriate paperwork for the reporting of raw materials and processed products is maintained.
  • Ensure that tank balances are recorded accurately.
  • Oversee receipts of slop material, bins, tankers, and internal movements associated with Slops and Recovered Oil
  • Ensure transfer and recording of receipted materials and dispatched products is carried out accurately.
  • Responsible for quality check of recovered fluids.


  • Operate evaporator equipment in line with TWMA guidelines
  • Control production of PFO on site
  • Accurately report and record PFO movements on site


  • Responsible for training and competency of Fluids Team
  • Attend management and safety meetings
  • Assign/supervise Fluids Team
  • Review and update and add necessary documents on TWMA Quality Management System
  • Provide cover for the Fluids Team as and when required

Laboratory Checks

  • Provide assistance with daily site lab checks and recording results,
  • Provide assistance with taking samples from material receipts and dispatches, carrying out lab basic analyses when required.


  • Operate any equipment required for Fluids Control.
  • Inspect and identify faults on any vehicle and record in daily checklist.
  • Record operations and transportation details, as required by the company’s operation procedures.
  • Responsibility for housekeeping of tank farm facility and surrounding site.
  • General assistance with any operations where required or requested by site management.


  • Follow all TWMA and HSE/SEPA/Scottish Water procedures.
  • Ensure all Environmentally Critical Items within the tank farm are adequately maintained and registered.
  • Address any concerns and taking appropriate actions in conjunction with TWMA procedures.
  • Attend monthly safety meetings with HSE personnel.

Material Handling

  • Assist in the offload and loading of Bulk Tankers onto weighbridge, interacting with weighbridge operator.
  • Visually inspect incoming materials and outgoing recovered oil.
  • Ensure that materials received, and materials or fluids dispatched are recorded accurately.
  • Ensure that samples are obtained from incoming and outgoing materials for lab analysis.
  • Ensure that received materials are stored in the correct tanks.
  • Follow COSHH assessment.

Qualification(s) & Training (E – Essential / P – Preferred)

  • HNC or Equivalent (E)
  • Confined Space Entry (E)
  • Forklift Certificate (P)

Experience(s) (E – Essential / P – Preferred)

  • Supervisory/people management experience (E)
  • Working within drilling waste/solids control (E)
  • Perform maintenance checks and fill out appropriate forms (E)
  • Production experience (E)
  • Commercial Understanding (E)
  • Ability to work well with staff at all levels (E)
  • Work within the oil & gas/ energy industry (P)

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Competencies (E – Essential / P – Preferred)

  • Mechanical aptitude and knowledge of Centrifuges, Disk Stacks and associated equipment (E)
  • Understanding of HMRC policies regarding fuel sales (E)
  • Basic chemical knowledge of oil based materials / wastes (E)
  • Safety and environmental awareness (E)
  • Effective team leader (E)
  • Ability to work to a high standard (E)
  • Competent in working to defined systems of work (P)

Complying with Procedures

  • Ensure all operations comply with the Company and Client operating policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all operations comply with the Company Health and Safety policy.
  • Be aware of company conditions of employment as detailed in the Employee Handbook.
  • Liaise with the HR Department to assure compliance with current employee law legislation and employment contract and keep up to date with other current legislation, legal requirements and regulations that apply to the company.


Note: The duties as described herein are intended as a guide only, and it should be understood that operational demands may at times necessitate that an employee performs duties not included in this description.

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