Trust the Specialists

Our specialists are trusted worldwide to deliver market-leading drilling waste solutions.

With over two decades of experience in transforming drilling waste operations for our clients, we have built an esteemed reputation of reliability. We provide a properly engineered solution, taking the whole picture into account, and can illuminate parts of your spend in an optimised way so that you can unlock value. As pioneers, you can count on us to take you forward. By adding value, we drill down the total cost of your operation.

Our specialist knowledge in drilling waste is unparalleled. We can work with your team to unlock financial returns and opportunities that no other partner in the region can provide and eliminating your exposure to costly transportation logistics. We also operate a Stay Safe Programme that supports your wellsite operations and drives improved processes. Through partnership and local support, we drill down the total cost of your operation.

Our advanced processing technology recovers base oil from your drill cuttings, that can be returned to your drilling fluid system and reduces the need to transport drilling waste from your operation. With recovered base oil, we drill down the total cost of your operation.

We work closely with our customers to ensure climate compliance wherever they operate. By providing a sustainable drilling waste processing system that achieves your emissions targets, we return real results for your operation. Read Lindsey’s published article in Offshore Engineer Magazine to learn more about how our solutions meet and exceed global discharge regulations:

For more information about turning waste into value, please get in touch with our specialist teams.