The World's Drilling Waste Specialist.

Turning waste into savings

As the world leader in drilling waste management, we harness the power of today and pioneer the technology of tomorrow. Whether onshore or offshore, we turn waste into value and lost time into profit. But above all, we keep you turning.

TCC RotoMill®

Developed after years of specialist research, our best-in-class technology separates drill cuttings for recycling and reuse, offering the safest and most efficient way to handle and process drilling waste at source.

TWMA named as Great Large Company at 2019 Offshore Achievement Awards

The category recognises the continuous growth and development of companies with more than 250 employees which have demonstrated clear strategic direction and strong product/service differentiation.

Base Fluid Recovery Calculator

Our technology allows you to reuse recovered oil, making drilling more efficient and turning drilling waste into savings. Use our simple calculator and quickly discover how much you could save with our solutions.